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Come Undone


In book one, Come Undone, of The Cityscape series, we meet Olivia. She seems happy but is she really? She is an editor of a local Chicago magazine and is working her way up the ladder. Her husband Bill, is an attorney who is also goal driven.

Olivia for the most part has had a great life except for one thing, her mother. Olivia has been jaded by her mother since she was thirteen. She doesn

’t let people in and for husband Bill it doesn’t seem to be an issue. But, it’s slowly becoming an issue for Olivia.

It took one heart racing, life changing look into brown eyes for her world to spin. Lucas David Dylan. She didn’t know his name at the time but soon she would. At her friend Lucy’s engagement party she met the man who made her heart and questions race in her mind. David, as he goes by, is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome. In the top of his field as an architect, at no loss for women and a charmer, he seems to have everything he wants except for one thing. Olivia.

One night, we see David become her hero. Olivia is attacked in an alley way of a jilted family member from one of Bill’s old trials. The man isn’t happy that his brother is behind bars and takes to threatening Olivia. David happened to be in the right place at the right time. This almost seals the deal for Olivia and her feelings for David.

Olivia is torn, stay true to her marriage or become true to herself? She slowly becomes true to herself. She cannot help the attraction and unexplainable heart racing draw to David. We are taken for a ride of extreme attraction as David and Olivia collide with each other at every turn. One night spent together and she feels things in herself she has never felt before. David begs her to stay but she can’t. Not that she doesn’t want to but she is so use to running from what is right for her. So she does what she knows best and runs with tears in her eyes and heart.

Come Alive


In book two, Come Alive, of The Cityscape Series, we are met with a bleak of a person named Olivia. Distraught over the loss of David by walking away and her only mother figure, Davena who lost her battle of life to cancer. Olivia is moody, snip, pained and thin as a promise. She can’t eat or sleep. She can’t think or focus. She just can’t. She feels null and void.

Everyone assumes it’s due to the loss of Davena but truly it is not, its David. Yes, she misses Davena but David seems more of a loss to her. Davena, gave her wise advice, “its where you feel at home.” And since then Olivia questions is Bill her home or David?

Olivia throws herself into work, earning her a promotion. She is just managing to get through day to day life. She knows that even if she can only be friends with David that that is enough because she has to have him in her life. They see each other occasionally and things are just easy with him. You can see that it is hard for the both of them. But they are a drug to each other and just cannot stay away.

Olivia feels more pressure from Bill for children and finding a home. Nothing feels right. The thought of children terrifies her. The thought of a home terrifies her. Plan and simple she is terrified of a future without David. But how can she make it so? She has extreme guilt for her infidelity and doesn’t want to end up “like her mother”. Bill just cannot understand this at all. They continue their search for a home, she finally finds one she likes but is at odds as to who she sees herself with there. David agrees to take a look at the house that Bill and Olivia want to buy. The entire time she is there looking over the home with them, she sees herself there with David not Bill. It’s almost a light bulb turning on in her head. This is a house but not a home without David. Surprise, Surprise the house falls through. Wait for it…… David buys it unknown to Olivia, until she finds out.

Olivia feels betrayed but she cannot stop thinking of David. One night she breaks down and tells Bill all that is going on because she cannot keep the charade up anymore. He is hurt and upset, naturally but he doesn’t get what he has done wrong. Weeks go by and Bill and Olivia fall more and more apart. One week Bill is away for work and knock knock, who’s there? David. Pure passion ignites. Once simmered down David makes Olivia make a choice, him or Bill. She is so terrified that she cannot speak or move. She hears the door open and “it’s him” uttered then the lock clicks.

Boom, an entire football field of lights go on in her head at once. She runs, leaps, hurdles her way downstairs in the pouring rain and screams “Its you, you are my home.”

Come Together


In the final book, Come Together, of The Cityscape series, we see Olivia stay with her decision to be with David (shew). She breaks the news to her friends about what has been going on. Lucy is not happy at all. Gretchen is. Now time to tell Bill. He is in disbelief; he shouts, cries and begs. Olivia takes her stand and leaves.

Olivia is scared. She knows that she loves David and he has made that very clear to her, but she constantly thinks the “what ifs”. What if this is a challenge for him and now that he has her he will leave? Does he really love her? Will he grow tired of her? David makes it his goal to prove her wrong about her doubts. But Bill has other plans. He tried to plant the seed of continual doubt in her mind and it almost works. Not that she would go back to Bill, she knows that he isn’t the one for her, but David has a set lifestyle. Does he really want this? And the answer is, 100% yes.

On a much needed trip home to see her dad, Olivia learns a lot about herself, her dad, her mother and David. She realizes that her mother is just purely incapable of loving her as a mother should. Her father, lives with no regrets of the choices he made, David makes her see “the light” (in more ways than one) and she finally opens her heart and mouth and says, “I love you” to David. (fist pump)

Things are tense due to Bill, the divorce, loosing Lucy as a friend, and letting David know she doesn’t want children. Bill agrees to the terms she wants, Lucy just doesn’t see her side and David assures her that a life without her would be more painful than a life without children.

And, he proposes with a gorgeous ring just to let her know. Yes, she said yes this time around. Oh, forgot he asked once before but she was scared to say yes because of the children issue. I tell ya, this girl, maddening.

Olivia takes the leap and becomes the writer she always wanted be. The lover she didn’t know she could be. Pouring with confidence she didn’t know she had. She is surrounded by love from family and friends in the end.

All of this is due to one man, David.

David is her shield, her lover, her friend, her home.


I enjoyed my ride through this love story. There were times that I wanted to just shake sense into Olivia, so that she could see what others saw and to be stronger (my poor Kindle.) She had so much doubt in herself and thankfully David made her see that. He showed her what beauty and warmth that she had in her and that he would always be her shield. And, oh my, is David swoon worthy, meow! Tall, dark and handsome, with heather grey sweatpants, yes pa-lease!

I was so glad that Olivia finally got her happy warm home if anyone was deserving it was her.

Sometimes we find love at inopportune times and this story proves that it can happen with a magical ending. I give this series 4 stars.

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Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California. She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. Some of her favorite things include traveling, her dog Kimo, Scrabble, driving aimlessly and creating Top Five lists. She is the helpless victim of an overactive imagination that finds inspiration in music and tranquility in writing. Currently she resides wherever her head lands, which lately is the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.


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