Review – The Rocker That Loves Me by Terri Anne Browning



The Rocker That Loves Me

Book 4 of The Rocker… Series

I was the fun loving, easy going, different girl—okay, different
girls every night—Demon. One look into a pair of violet eyes and all of that
changed. She doesn’t even realize how beautiful she is and that makes me want
her even more. Realizing that she is just as damaged as I am breaks my heart.
Harper is a part of me, my other half. If only she would open her incredible
eyes and see how I feel…

The Beauty…
I knew that I wasn’t Shane
Stevenson’s type. Hot rockers don’t go for plain girls like me. Years of my
mother telling me just how unbeautiful I am has assured me of that. I have
nothing to offer a guy that is so used to hot girls drooling over him. So why is
he always there when I turn around? And why does it feel like little needles
piercing my heart at the mere thought of him with someone else?


This is one of my favorite series and I have enjoyed watching Terri grow as a writer. I am stoked to be able to review ‘The Rocker That Loves Me’.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a hot rocker who is damaged? Very few. So it’s no surprise that we find another damaged soul who is set in their ways and finds that one girl who changes them. (We all want to be that girl.)

Who is the guy? Shane.

Who is the girl? Harper.

Shane has a jaded past that he struggles with daily and really doesn’t want relief from his life style. Yes (there is an “until”) until he meets Harper and her violet eyes that have him caught from the moment they pierced him.

Harper’s past isn’t as jaded but she has been second fiddle to her model of a step-sister most of her life. She cannot see her own beauty that is (you guessed it) until Shane shows her, her immense beauty inside and out.

We see them go on a journey that brings them together to heal. And, of course there are fun situations to explore along their journey.

One of my favorite parts of this series is that you can relate to some of the subject matter, meaning, you have either experienced or known someone who has experienced what these characters go through. It’s not so far-fetched that you are looking at the pages and going, “oh come on!” or “really?!” You look at the pages and either; cheer them on, grab the wine or both!

I urge you to get this book, grab your wine and cheer them on!

I give this book 5/5 Stars!

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Hated school and reading until her aunt handed her her first romance novel at the age of twelve, as crazy aunts tend to do. It gave her a passion for the written word that has only increased over the years.  At sixteen she started writing her own novellas, forcing her sister to be her one woman fan club. Now she has a few more fans and a lot more passion for writing. Reese: A Safe Haven Novella was her first Indie published book. The Rocker That Holds Me changed the tables and kicked off The Rocker… series featuring the sinfully delicious members of Demon’s Wings. Terri Anne lives just outside of Birmingham, AL with her husband and three children.

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