Excerpt – Surrendered by Monica James

‘Surrendered’ Excerpt

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“What the…” he gasps, and then his eyes land on the bed.

Well, they land on me.

I am lying on his bed, in the most seductive pose I can muster, without looking like a total dweeb.

“Ava?” he asks as he steps into his bedroom, slightly stunned to see me sprawled on his bed like a Playboy Bunny.

“Happy birthday,” I reply softly, giving him my best attempt of ‘bedroom eyes’.

I practiced in the mirror for about twenty minutes, so it better come across as sexy, and not like I am severely cross-eyed.

He strolls over to the end of the bed, looking down at where I lay, propped up on one elbow with a knee bent, gazing up at him.

“Th… thanks,” he stutters while eying my body not so discreetly.

Smoothing out my black chiffon nightgown, which scarcely covers my bare skin, Jasper watches intently as my hands glide over my flesh. I demand the blush about to creep over my body to keep away, because now is not the time for modesty.

He licks his bow lips and runs a hand through his hair, fisting it into a messy peak. He looks amazing. Even at 2 am, after working all night, he looks as if he’s stepped off a runway in his grey sleeveless hoodie, and faded blue jeans which are tucked into his scuffed combat boots, that are loosely tied.

“Are you my birthday present?” he asks, his eyes lingering on the sheer material at my breasts.

Before I have a chance to answer or blush he adds, “Because if you are, I want to unwrap you now.”


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