Cover Reveal – Confessing Hearts by DJ Larkin



It’s been two weeks since
Alexander broke things off with Sapphira. Realizing that he made the
biggest mistake of his life, he concocts a desperate scheme to earn her
forgiveness. Together again, it seems they are headed for a storybook
romance.But unknown to them, their pasts are about to converge
in a way that could turn deadly. Will true love conquer all? Or will
the past drive them apart for good?Confessing Hearts is the second book in the Vacant Hearts trilogy.

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Confessing Hearts is book 2.

Be sure to pick up book 1, Vacant Hearts before Confessing Hearts releases on June 1st!

Vacant Hearts is FREE!

*For Mature Audiences

Jones has never known love. Haunted by a past she has tried to forget,
she remains distant from everyone except her best friend. Alexander
Thomas, bestselling novelist, still mourns the loss of his beloved wife
after nearly five years. He is incapable of love.

A series of
chance encounters brings these two desolate hearts together. Desperate
to remain in the life of the only man she’s ever wanted, Sapphira
concocts a plan she hopes will fulfill his needs – and hers. Can she
rescue him from his bleak despair? Or will the ghost of his wife prove
too much for her to overcome?

Vacant Hearts is the first
installment of the Vacant Hearts Trilogy, where two barren hearts
collide in a tale of scorching sex and desire, love and romance.

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About the Author


 I’m an IT Worker living the
dream of writing a book. I live in New England with my wife and two
kids. We have a small menagerie of one dog, one cat, and two ferrets. My
goal for writing is to write a book that my wife would be proud of.
Anything after that is just icing on the cake.

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